visions of the scenarios to come

What are the key thoughts of reflection about tomorrow? Atlas of the Future offers us likely visual trajectories that project our day into forthcoming scenarios and patterns. The exhibit is an annotation of moving images which address key themes in social development and in our world studied through video clips and documentaries, the latter hailing from the archives of Festival dei Popoli. From Mexico to India, from the United States to Nigeria, from Israel to China, from Italy to the Congo to Russia, the works tell stories and utopias, imagine worlds and offer speculations for life in the future.
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07/02/2008 17.45 - 20.00
Immagination, floating territories
    Sui letti del fiume by Aldo Innocenzo, Italy, 2007-2008, 23’
Production and distribution: Stalker-Osservatorio Nomade
Editing: Aldo Innocenzi

The Stalkers’ Italian debut presents their latest workshop about urban issues, a probe into the living conditions at the Rom community settled on the banks of the Tiber. The project was made possible with the help from students from Francesco Careri’s “Civil Arts” course at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Roma Tre.

Border by Hans Op de Beeck, Begium, 2002, 2’44”
Courtesy Galleria Continua, San Gimignano

The x-ray of a big truck shows a group of clandestine refugees hidden behind goods in transport. The drama of escape from one’s own country reduced into x-ray images by the Belgian artist.

De_Lete by Jenny Marketou, USA, 2006, 9’30’’
Courtesy Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt

During the Summer of 2001 Jenny Marketou spent a few days filming everything that goes on in Tijuana, a city on the border of Mexico and the United States. Artist reinterpretation of one of the hottest places on the Mexico-US border.

De l’autre côté by Chantal Akerman, France, 2002, 99’
Production and distribution: Amip

Immigration stories at the Mexico-United States border. Long-standing stories that keep repeating, becoming more and more hopeless with every passing day.
08/02/2008 17.45 - 20.00
Lived time projected into the future
    La Jetée by Chris Marker, France, 1962, 29’
Production: Argos Films
Distribution: Ripley’s Film

A masterpiece in cinema history, made almost solely with fixed frames -- single images with hypnotic effects, full of meaning: past that becomes future and vice versa, up until the final, inexplicable short circuit.

The World of Tomorrow by Tom Johnson and Lance Bird,
USA, 1984, 83’

Production: Tom Johnson e Lance Bird
Distribution: Direct Cinema Limited

The future in 2000 imagined by Americans in 1939-40 at the Great World’s Fair of New York, told through old commercial clips, newsreels and cartoons. A dreamy atmosphere, full of wonder and extravagance.
14/02/2008 17.45 - 20.00
Information, electronics
    Faceless by Manu Luksch, Great Britain, 2002-2007, 50’
Production: Amour Fou e Ambient Information Systems
Distribution: Sixpack Film

Science-fiction fairytale portraying a society of people with no faces, stuck in a dimension of eternal present, with no past or future. Experimental work made entirely with video-surveillance recordings.

The Catalogue by Chris Oakley, Great Britain, 2004, 5’30”
Courtesy the artist

An English video artist who visualizes a sort of cataloguing of the human race, based on a collection of data and information of consumer habits collected from video-surveillance recordings.

The Great Indian School Show
by Avinash Deshpande,
India, 2005, 52’

Production: Poona Cinema
Distribution: Avinash Deshpande

Students at the Mahatma Gandhi School in Nagpur, India, are constantly being observed through a 185 video camera circuit. Reality of a society that is plummeting towards a nightmare of non-stop surveillance.
15/02/2008 17.45 - 20.00

Maquilapolis by Vicky Funari-Sergio De La Torre,
Mexico-USA, 2006, 70’

Production and distribution: Cine Mamas – Indipendent Television Service

Through interviews the film addresses the difficult situation of maquiladoras, female workers in Tijuana, city on the Mexico-US border where the multinational societies are able to find manpower for six dollars a day.

Surplus by Erik Gandini, Sweden, 2003, 54’
Production and distribution: ATMO

In video clip language, the film by Italian Erik Gandini confronts the phenomenon of globalization, starting from images of protest at the G8 Summit in Genoa.

21/02/2008 17.45 - 20.00
Visions and perspectives

Sitespecific-Shanghai 04 by Olivo Barbieri, Italy, 2005, 12’30”
Sitespecific-Las Vegas 05 by Olivo Barbieri, Italy, 2006, 12’30”

Courtesy Brancolini Grimaldi Arte Contemporanea, Firenze-Roma

Italian photographer Olivo Barbieri proposes a personal view of two metropolises, creating a poetic detachment that gives back to the user the unreal dimension of the world.

Kingelez,: Kinshasa, a City Rethought by Dork Dumon,
Belgium, 2003, 29’

Production: Piksa
Distribution: Centre de l’Audiovisuel à Bruxelles

The international fame of the Congolese artist Kingelez (1948) is linked to the three-dimensional models that convey his ideas of urban utopia. His are plans of imaginary cities, visions of a third millennium. Kinshasa.

Lagos Wide & Close. An Interactive Journey into an
Exploding City
by Bregtje van der Haak, Holland, 2005, 60’

Production and distribution: Submarine

A close look at Lagos, Nigeria, a fast-growing, constantly expanding metropolis that is said to become the third largest city in the world by 2020. Comments on the images made by Architect Rem Kool Haas.

22/02/2008 17.45 - 20.00
Environmental emergency, sustainability

A Film Trilogy:
Forty Below
Too Dark for Night (2001),
Glass Hour (2002) by Clare Langan, Ireland, 23'
Metamorphosis by Clare Langan, Irland, 12'

Courtesy Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt

Landscapes where the forces of nature overwhelm man’s presence on the planet. The images’ intense chromatic effects are obtained using an auxiliary of special filters hand painted by the artist. Metamorphosis won the first prize at the International Competion "Short Film Festival Oberhausen" (2007).

Exporting Harm by Jim Puckett , USA, 2002, 23’
Production and distribution: Basel Action Network

The film investigates the hot topic of e-waste, the dark shadow that looms over the technological revolution. In Asia the toxins left by the enormous mass of waste exported from the United States is deadly for inhabitants.

Dreamland by Laila Pakalnina, Latvia, 2004, 36’
Production and distribution: Vides Filmu Studia

The dump is a desert of garbage. It is actually a live desert where insects, reptiles, birds and mammals lead an existence that hangs between life and death.

Zone of Initial Dilution by Antoine Boutet, France, 2006, 30’
Production and distribution: Antoine Boutet

China. The construction of the biggest hydroelectric basin in the world, complete in 2009, is forcing the evacuation of more than one million people. Extraordinary images convey the bleakness of the semi-abandoned villages.

28/02/2008 17.45 - 20.00
Lived time projected into the future
    Scene for New Heritage Trilogy by David Maljkovic, Croatia,
2004-2007, 21’20’’

Courtesy Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam

Celebratory monuments of the past become the hinge of the Croatian artist’s reflection on our story’s meaning and on how this meaning can change for coming generations. The trilogy is a trip into the theoretical future, set in 2045.

Supersuperficie/Vita. Un modello alternativo di vita
sulla terra
by Superstudio, Italy, 1972, 9’35”

Production: Supercosmic
Courtesy Archivio Superstudio

The Fiorentine group of radical architects made this film as part of a series (uncompleted) which focused on the relationships between architecture as conscious formalization of the planet and events in human life.

The Wild Blu Yonder (L’ignoto spazio profondo) by Werner Herzog, Germany-Great Britain-France, 2005, 81’
Production: Werner Herzog Filmproduktion,
West Park Pictures, Tetra Media
Distribution: Fandango

The visionary genius Herzog has created a scientific fantasy that talks about our planet, making use of unique materials (documentaries from NASA archives and films shot underwater in the South Pole).
29/02/2008 17.45 - 20.00
City of the future
    Organic Urbanic by Ran Slavin, 2002, Israel, 9’
Courtesy the artist

Israeli multimedia video artist Ran Slavin manipulates aerial shots of Tel Aviv on the computer, transforming the city into a universe of abstract signs: a micro-macro cosmos of interweaved urban landscapes.

Gardens by the Bay by Squint/Opera, Great Britain, 2006, 6’

Production and distribution: Squint/Opera

For the young architects and artists of the English collective the motion-picture tool constitutes the most effective means for presenting their architectural project. The animation film shows us the project ideas for a futuristic botanical garden in Singapore.

The Building by Hans Op de Beeck, 2007, Belgium, 4’ 17”
Courtesy Galleria Continua, San Gimignano

The Belgian artist films the plastic of an enormous hospital complex, accentuating the impersonality and alienation of spaces where we spend crucial moments of our lives: birth, illness, death.

RMB City. A Second Life City Planning
, by Cao Fei/China Tracy,
China, 2007, 5.57”

Courtesy Vitamin Creative Space Gallery, Guangzhou

Second Life is the virtual scenario where China Tracy, avatar of the Chinese artist Cao Fei, creates a model of the city of the future. Visionary imagination and freedom in crossbreeding reality and imagination.

Future by Design by William Gazecki, USA, 2006, 90’
Production and distribution: William Gazecki

Italian debut for the film by Gazecki about Jacque Fresco, creator of futuristic cities where the architecture theorises new eco-systems and new forms of social integration.