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  Multi Archaeology, 1162 - 2162 Another thousand years
  The second curator invited by the Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina is Davide Quadrio, who is in his thirties. Quadrio is Italian but has lived and worked for fifteen years in Shanghai, where he founded "Bizart”, an independent production and exhibition space. Here he proposes an installation produced by the Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina and created specially for this exhibition. Entitled "40 + 4 Art is not enough, not enough!” his project is a kind of anthropological mapping, almost an x-ray, of the complex reality of today’s artistic scene in Shanghai. Along the documentary filmmaker Lothar Spree, the filmmaker Zhu Xiawen, Davide Quadrio interviewed forty of the city’s major artists, asking a series of pre-determined questions that had been grouped by theme on a deck of cards. These thematic areas included the importance of the artist in Chinese society today, the artist’s relationship with the public, and the influence of the international art market on artistic production. Davide Quadrio’s work proposes a meta-reflection on the social relevance of contemporary art in an extremely complex society undergoing a process of profound transformation, as is the China of today.