12 Siena Eugenia Vanni

Eugenia Vanni's installations are the assembled product of various different techniques and materials. Traditional artistic techniques such as sculpture, painting and etching rub coexist on the same level, but she then adds in elements of a different kind such as fossiles, industrial rubber, and various objects.

Having no interest in figurative depiction, what the artist seeks to evince is the visible translation of mental images, the kind of images that build up in our minds after we have experienced a given reality. This means, of course, that the memory aspect is crucial to her work. Indeed the artist often relies heavily on it, drawing "from memory" in an attempt to depict the fragile consistency of reality which is of necessity both fragmentary and ambivalent: an aesthetic by approximation, as she herself calls it, involving the adoption of an "eccentric" viewpoint, off-centre compared with reality, to reflect the partial way in which man looks at the world and builds up his experience of it.

This approximation of forms leaves margins of the undefined and of the unknown within which she develops her narrative and at times visionary approach. Eugenia Vanni's art is an empirical exploration of the nature of things and of the way they work, expressed with an artistic vocabulary that points up the concrete physical features of the materials she uses and the manual effort involved in the production of art as a form of knowledge.

Eugenia Vanni was born in Siena in 1980. After attending the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, she moved to Milan to pursue her studies at the NABA. She was artist Luca Vitone's assistant from 2005 to 2007. Her artistic career got off the ground in 2003 when she began to take part in public events and projects (Contested Space, Stazione Leopolda, Florence; Networkingcity-La città della gente, Officina Giovani, Ex Macelli, Prato, curated by Marco Scotini). Her subsequent experiences in the years thereafter bear witness to her interest in the relationship with the urban environment and the spaces people live in (Backpackers-Passaggi Urbani, Borgovico 33, Como, curated by Marco Scotini, Bert Theis, Andrea Sala, 2008). A personal exhibition held at the Galleria Riccardo Crespi in Milan in 2009 (Ognuno sa ciò che l’altro pensa, with a critical essay by Gabi Scardi) has helped to shed light on another important direction in which her artistic research is moving, involving the rediscovery of artistic techniques which she studies and juxtaposes in order to forge an expressive language of her own. One of her most recent works, a video entitled Repetition is Competition: azione diurna [Repetition is Competition: Daytime Action], was shown at the Niente da vedere tutto da vivere exhibition curated by Lorenzo Bruni, an event held in parallel with the 14th International Sculpture Biennale in Carrara (Istituto del Marmo Pietro Tacca, Carrara, 2010).




Address: Strada d'Istieto 46

How to get there: Take the bus from Piazza del Mercato (Siena) bound for Coroncina; alight at Cassia sud Cerchiaia