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Cristiana Palandri's entire artistic output was initially triggered by a reflection on drawing, going on to develop through the exploration of other branches such as sculpture, installations and performance art: a range of expressive media that constantly reveal her sculptor's approach to matter.
Ever since she produced her first works in 2005, drawing was the medium with which she began to experiment in the genesis of form through a kind of "controlled automatism", resorting to the specific plastic features of such organic materials as wax, bone and hair.
It was through the use of hair in assemblages made up of different materials that she transitioned from the two-dimensional word of graphite to a three-dimensional, thus a sculptural, presence and to a deeper relationship with space.
Hair, dressed in "random hairstyles" captured on camera via the use of a self-timer, is also part and parcel of her work on the body, as evinced most recently in her trilogy of performances (2007-2009), in which the use of these residual yet persistent parts of the body turn it into a hybrid of man, animal and matter. Her performance unfolds in a process of slow metamorphosis, which does not follow any preconceived script but which is generated independently and casually in a situation of partial blindness and paralysis of movement on the part of the players involved.
Cristiana Palandri was born in 1977 in Florence, where she lives and works. She pursued her study of art at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna.
She took part in three workshops held by Milovan Farronato, Tobias Reheberger and Kim Jones in 2008.
After participating in numerous collective exhibitions, she held her first major personal show, Genoma X curated by Sergio Risaliti at Quarter in Florence, in 2007. Also in 2007 she took part in, and won a prize at, the Biennale Giovani in Monza. Her recent exhibitions include such personal shows as: Unsettled, Galleria Daniele Ugolini, Florence, 2008; and Oversight, performance, curated by Annalisa di Domenico, MLAC, Rome, 2008. Some of the collective exhibitions in which she has taken part include: Tuscia Electa, Innesti Doc section, arte contemporanea nel Chianti, curated by Desdemona Ventroni, Panzano (province of Florence), 2006; Animeux, curated by Alessandro Sarri, Teatro Studio, Scandicci (province of Florence), 2007; No location Relocation, A. T. Kearney Prize, curated by Milovan Farronato, Milan, 2008; and Springs in white, curated by Vittoria Biasi and Neung Lahopon, Bangkok Art and Cultural Center, Bangkok, 2009.
Address: Via Antonio del Pollaiuolo 77, Firenze

Address: via Antonio del Pollaiuolo 77, (Isolotto neighbourhood) Florence
How to get there: by bus, ATAF lines 6, 26 or 72 - alight at "Pollaiuolo 03" stop