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In his personal exploration of painting, Federico Gori customarily resorts to the use of the photographic medium in order to capture images on which he then intervenes with a painterly script consisting of archetypal signs, the letters of some undecipherable alphabet.
At the start of his artistic career he harked back to the era of informal sign language, which sparked his intense interest in painting as a language with which to overwrite and to "comment" on pictures of various types -- mainly landscapes linked to his own personal memories and experiences. These spaces are at once both physical and mental, generating an experience of immersion in nature that is analytical and, at the same time, empathetic.
In his more recent works, produced on sheets of alluminium, his thick web of signs tends increasingly to penetrate and meld with the underlying image. The liquid and sinuous line of his enamel retraces fragments of thick and entangled vegetation, parts of forests that explore and develop a myriad perspectives and viewpoints, revealing new balances between the figurative and the abstract.
Since 2004 Gori has also been working with the video, pursuing similar effects in his videopaintings, which involve the animation of an image through signs thanks to a seething mass of sudden, lightning-swift graphic applications which he achieves by electronically reworking his filmed material.
Federico Gori was born in Prato in 1977. He lives and works in Pistoia. He studied painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. In 2002 Sergio Risaliti invited him to show his work at the Palazzo del Comune [Town Hall] in Prato in the context of an exhibition entitled Gemine Muse, young artists in Europe's museums. In 2003 he was selected for a residential stage at the Fondazione "Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri. Hic Terminus Haeret". 2005 saw the birth of the Luci-da Follia [Lights-from Madness] project with Gerardo Paoletti and Vanni Menichi, an experiment in the theatrical cross-contamination of painting, music and video art. Some of the more recent exhibitions in which he has shown his work include: Apocalisse, curated by Giovanna Uzzani, Bianca Pinzi and Daniele Franchi, Villa Medicea La Màgia, Quarrata, Pistoia, 2007; Abitanti Ambienti, curated by Silvia Lucchesi, Galleria Il Ponte, Florence, 2008; Segno grafico, curated by Tommaso Baldi, Galleria Overlook, Pistoia, 2009. In 2008 he produced a series of silk-screen prints for a book entitled Scintille, with the poetry of Maura Del Serra, published by Bandecchi & Vivaldi.
Address: Via Europa 123, Quarrata, Pistoia

Address: Via Europa 123, Quarrata, Pistoia
How to get there: by bus: from Pistoia railway station, COPIT line 11, alight at stop before La Magia roundabout; from Florence (Piazza Adua), COPIT line 51, alight at Viale Montalbano - Ex Macelli stop