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Lorenzo Banci's approach to painting is based on the eye's ability to isolate those parts of the real world that tend to get either ignored or neglected, in a drive to return them to a clear yet rarefied figuration, which has recently begun to lose the realistic and recognisable features that link it to the initial subject matter.
His oil painting, opaque, dense and deep, reveals his interest in places that are seemingly marginal: industrial warehouses and sheds with huge windows lit up by the reflection of the night, visions of interiors with shards of light on the walls of empty houses, the slight movement of curtains between sun and shade, or reflections of cities observed from a distance. Taking his inspiration for photographs and cuttings that he keeps in his studio, he destructures his views and rebuilds them in accordance with his own personal requirements, eluding his subject matter's objectivity and marking his distance from anything familiar or involving.
What always returns in all of his large-format works and small slate supports is his specific attention to the phenomenon of light: diaphanous and apparition-like in his earlier works, a blinding flash capable of splitting the veil of darkness in his more recent output. His latest work betrays a need to move forward by subtraction; even partial depictions of comprehensible reality no longer dominate; everything has become more abstract. Like in a kind of blackout, his compact and impenetrable surfaces are criss-crossed only by a few shards of light grazing the dark.
Lorenzo Banci was born in 1974 in Prato, where he lives and works.
In 1999 he took part in the Mercedes-Benz contemporary art master's degree in Montefiridolfi with an environmental installation. He has been working on stage sets since the year 2000, his first performance being La Nara under the direction of Alessia Innocenti at Prato's Teatro Metastasio. He began to cooperate with Paolo Magelli in 2007 on a large number of performances in the Balkan countries: Summerfolk - Maxim Gorky, Slovenian National Theatre of Nova Gorica, Slovenia; A Midsummer Night's Dream - William Shakespeare, Montenegro National Theatre of Podgorica, Montenegro; and Zagrebacki Pentagram - Damir Karakas, Nina Mitrovic, Igor Rajki, Filip Sovagovic, Ivan Vidic, ZKM Theatre of Zagreb, Croatia; this performance was awarded the Croatian Culture Ministry prize for best direction and stage design, and it has been invited to take part in the Wiesbaden Festival in Germany in 2010.
His main personal exhibitions: Lorenzo Banci (text by Pier Luigi Tazzi), Palazzo Comunale, Prato,1994; Orti di luce (text by Amnon Barzel), Galleria Sergio Tossi, Florence, 2003; Secondopianoartecontemporanea - Palazzo Antinori Corsini, Florence, 2005; Due giorni due notti, design by Ronaldo Fiesoli curated by Silvia Bottinelli, Patrizia Pepe, Florence, 2006; Acheiropoieta, curated by Paola Ballerini, spazio Associazione Culturale GRAFIO, Prato, 2009.
His collective exhibitions include: Fuori logo, Cantieri Culturali Spazi Ex Macelli, Prato, 1999; Gemine muse, curated by Maurizio Poli, Museo del Tessuto, Prato, 2003;
Convergenze, curated by Olga Gambari, Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, 2004; Look out, curated by Lorenzo Bruni, Cassero Senese, Grosseto, 2004
Italian Genius Now - Centro per l'arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, 2007.
Address: Via Braga 27/2, Tavola, Prato

Address: Via Braga 27/2, Tavola, Prato
How to get there: by bus from Prato Centrale railway station, LAM MT blue line (for Tavola - Seano)