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A sculptor trained in the classical tradition, Cristian Biasci has pursued his artistic career by veering away from the language of figurative sculpture towards the abstract, focusing on the study of the relationship involved in volume and proportion. Defining the boundaries of the space within which sculpture is developed is a crucial operation in forging a balanced rapport with the observer; this is what the artist sums up in the concept of measure. Thus form takes second place in his work compared to the need to use his sculptures to create a measurable space.

His four white marble sculptures entitled Soggetti are based on a series of works on paper, whose graphic mark emerges from the background in positive or in negative, revealing in either case a similar balance of filled spaces and of voids within the square frame of the sheet; transposed into the marble of his Soggetti, that mark takes on a plasticity and dynamism of its own, remaining inscribed within a pre-established measure of space as if it were a stage set within an invisible perimeter.

The artist's experience as a set designer, which got off the ground in 2001 and is still very much alive today, has played a crucial role in the development of his approach, given that he interprets the spatial dimension proper to sculpture as a field for developing the rapport between the work of art and the observer.

His recent sculptures, both in marble and in bronze, reveal a similarity with the organic shapes present in nature, coming alive with a dynamic tension resulting from a balancing of forces: the awareness and tightly controlled stringency of the sculptor's gestures on the one hand, and the loss of those very certainties on the other, translating into a moment of laceration and void—conditions which enable life to constantly regenerate and to take on new shapes.

Born in Cascina (in the province of Pisa) in 1970, Cristian Biasci studied at the Faculty of Arts in Pisa University and at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, gaining a degree in sculpture. In parallel with his career as a sculptor, he began to work as a stage designer in 2001, designing stage sets both in Italy and abroad and working with Armand Delcampe, Mario Monicelli, Giorgio Albertazzi, Antonio Calenda and Carla Fracci, among others. His activity also stretches into the field of architecture, ranging from the design of exhibitions to cooperating on projects for urban improvement.

His personal artistic research, which is distinct both from his work in the theatre and from his output of figure sculpture, began to develop in the early part of this century with the production of abstract and dynamic forms in bronze and, in more recent years, also in marble.

The collective exhibitions in which he has taken part include: Forme a Venire, Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence – 2005; XIII Biennale Internazionale di Scultura, Carrara – 2008; International Exhibition of Sculpture, Miyazaky (Japan) – 2010. His most recent one-man show, La luce inquieta di Cristian Biasci, was held at the Studio d'Arte Corsanini in Avenza – Carrara, in 2010. 



Address: Via Giulio Guelfi 141, Casciavola - Pisa

How to get there: Take cpt bus no. 160 from Piazza Sant'Antonio (Pisa), bound for Tre Colli; alight at Via Cammeo