10 Siena Francesco Carone

Francesco Carone's work arises out of the gathering of assorted objects: unusual, rare or commonly found, collected yet without any idea of completing a collection; a selection of objects reminiscent of the wunderkammer so beloved of European royalty in the past, in which everything aroused wonder and admiration in the viewer. His "collectibles" are transformed, superimposed on one another or broken down into several parts until they become paradoxical players in a world in which the work of art turns into a mechanism that sparks curiosity and wonder.

Shunning any attempt to be spectacular, his compositions have an evocative charge that holds them back in a kind of visual hermeticism; while they never fully show their true self, these works yet echo literary sources, science and the cinema. They are minor stories that interweave to develop a secret world in which careful observation can discover unexpected and hidden meanings.

The structure of each object is shaped in accordance with a process that alters its original identity: a peach stone becomes the trigger for the creation of a sphere made only of stones from different fruits; a walking stick with four handles suggests the direction that man may follow on his life's journey; or the eighty-six different editions of Moby Dick neatly arranged on a step become a boundary not to be overstepped - a fully-fledged threshold beyond which the viewer discovers the realm of the artist where the rules of play have been turned on their head and each object reveals new relationships between form, function, and significance.

Born in Siena in 1975, he graduated from the "Duccio di Boninsegna" art institute in that city and subsequently moved to Florence, where he frequented the Accademia di Belle Arti. For the past two years he has been living in the woods on the outskirts of Siena, where he works and rests. In parallel with his artistic activities, he has been toying since the summer of 2010 with the idea of writing a book.

Collective exhibitions at which he has shown his work include: Open Air, curated by M. Paderni and I. Saccani, Orto Botanico, Parma, 2007; Progettoggetto, curated by S. Coletto, Palazzo Bracciolini delle Api, Pistoia, 2007; Storytellers, curated by P. Gaglianò, Parco dell'Acciaiolo, Scandicci, Florence, 2007; Arrivi e partenze. Italia, curated by A. Fiz and W. Gasperoni, Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona, 2008; Collezione Farnesina - Experimenta, curated by M. Calvesi, L. Canova, M. Meneguzzo and M. Vescovo, Ministero degli Affari Esteri [Ministry of Foreign Affairs], Rome, 2008; Talent Prize, Museo del Corso, Fondazione Roma, Rome, 2008; maelström, Galleria SpazioA, Pistoia, 2008; Mediterranean, curated by E. Scipioni, V. Kortun, The Road to Contemporary Art, Rome, 2009; Actuelle Positionen Italienischer Kunst, Stadtgalerie, Kiel (Germany), 2010.

Address: Localita Cerbaia 23, Iesa - Siena

The meeting will take place at EXTRE, V.le Giannotti 81, Florence

How to get there: Take Ataf bus no. 32 from Piazza S. Marco (Florence) bound for Antella; alight at Bandino