06 Prato Kinkaleri

Kinkaleri is a unique reality in the panorama of experimental performance art in Italy.  It was first set up in 1995 by a group of individuals hailing from a variety of different artistic backgrounds with the aim of producing projects ranging from theatre and dance to the visual arts.

The group has no form of hierarchical structure or assignment of predefined roles, and this underlying instability allows it to embrace change and to pursue the redefinition of expressive vocabulary on the basis of whatever issue the group may be addressing at any given moment.  Though impossible to identify with any single artistic philosophy, the yardstick by which Kinkaleri's experimental research can be measured is the simple condition of being on stage (or off stage, for that matter) without the filter of an aesthetic standard.  Experience of the world and experience on stage tend to coincide, defusing the traditional rationales of the theatrical tool.

In <OTTO>, a performance that won them the Ubu Prize in 2002, the actors ceaselessly repeat the action of falling, like a death reiterated without any apparent cause; the action dispenses with any kind of logical and narrative consequentiality, leading to a radical questioning of the act of representation itself, while at the same time the stage fills up with heterogeneous objects harking back to the experience of a reality unfiltered, a reality both known and seen before.

Their search for alternative paths and spaces in which to operate outside the theatre proper has led them to produce a series of performances, such as their Urlo, West and Bingo!!! project, whose stage is reality itself, isolating certain moments in the daily flow of life in which to trigger a "release" of energy in places and in people.

Their latest work, focusing on classical authors, has led to the production of stage performances in which text and words recover their primary role, though reinterpreted through the performance of the body.  Excellent examples of this are their recent project entitled I am that am I, in which the sole actress on stage is a ventriloquist, and Caduta&Ascesa [Fall&Rise], a theatrical game stretched to its ultimate consequences.

Kinkaleri, established in the CPA space in Florence in 1995 and currently working from Spazio K in Prato, is a collective whose members are Matteo Bambi, Massimo Conti, Marco Mazzoni and Gina Monaco.

Kinkaleri's naturally hybrid and multifaceted work moves in a variety of different expressive forms, ranging from the theatre to performance art, and from installations, video productions and sound bites to sets and publications.  Kinkaleri's work, which has won major acclaim on the experimental scene both in Italy and abroad, has been presented in several different contexts including self-managed spaces, galleries, and contemporary art centres (Centre Pompidou, Paris; Raum – Living Room, Bologna; Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato; Galleria d’arte Moderna, Bologna).  The many theatres and festivals at which Kinkaleri's work has been shown include: Teatro Metastasio, Prato; Festival Santarcangelo, Santarcangelo di Romagna - Rimini; Sophiensaele, Berlin; Amperdans Festival, Antwerp; Interplay, Turin; Fabbrica Europa Festival, Florence; Uovo Performing Arts Festival, Milan; La Batie Festival, Geneva; RED Festival ReggioEmiliaDanza; Kaaitheater, Brussels; CRT Teatro dell’Arte, Milan; Montpellier Danse Festival, F.I.S.Co, Bologna).

The group's performance of <OTTO> won it the Ubu Prize for best theatre-dance performance of the year in 2002.




Address: Spazio Kappa, via S. Chiara 38/2

How to get there: Take the blue LAM bus from Prato's central train station, bound for Nenni; alight at Castello; the studio is a ten to fifteen minute walk from P. al Serraglio station