Palazzo Strozzi
  Bill Viola, Christian Nold, Yves Netzhammer
Teresa Margolles, Valerio Magrelli, William Kentridge
Katharina Grosse, Andrea Ferrara, Elisa Biagini
Maurice Benayoun, Antonella Anedda
Forword by James M. Bradburne
Emotional Systems by Franziska Nori

"What feelings are" Antonio Damasio
"Emotion, Rationality and Art" Ronald de Sousa
"Empathy, Movement and Emotion" David Freedberg
"The Emotions"
Peter Goldie
"The Emotional Brain" Joseph LeDoux
"Things Such as Might Happen" Martha Nussbaum
"The Theory of Emotives: A Synopsis" William M. Reddy

  Silvana Editoriale
224 pages
EAN 97888836609871
€ 30,-

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue, published in English and Italian by Silvana Editoriale, with essays by the two curators, Franziska Nori and Martin Steinhoff, and contributions and excerpts from specialised publications by internationally renowned scholars, including the neurologists and neurological scientists Antonio Damasio and Joseph LeDoux, philosophers and anthropologists Ronald De Sousa, Peter Goldie, Martha Nussbaum and William Reddy and the art historian, David Freedberg. The theme they explore in their interdisciplinary comparison is the rationality of emotions and, in Freedberg’s words, the “relations between the formal aspects of an image and the emotional responses” of the user.