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  Multi Archaeology, 1162 - 2162 Another thousand years
  Zhang Wei is the director of an independent space for artistic production, "Vitamin Creative Space”, which also serves as an exhibition space, gallery and platform for cultural debate. Zhang Wei lives and works in Ghuangzhou, an industrial city with 9,5 million inhabitants living in its metropolitan area. Throwing Dice, the section of the Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina exhibition curated by Zhang Wei, comprises a large number of works chosen by the curator, to which she has attributed a compelling subjective narrative element, thereby giving the audience of Palazzo Strozzi an opportunity to experience her distinct, personal sensibility. Zhang Wei is always looking for individual artistic visions that express a new subjective and individualistic feeling in response to a rapidly changing social and cultural world. She interprets each of the works on display as a microcosm in and of itself, a world apart expressing the artist’s inner life in the face of the increasingly difficult and complex world. Altogether, theses individual positions provide a glimpse of the artistic sensibility in China today.