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  Art Ecology Sustainability / 24.04 – 19.07.2009
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  Nikola Uzunovski (Macedonia, 1979)
  Nikola Uzunovski’s work focuses on the conceptual and experiential analysis of natural and perceptive phenomena, paying great attention to the relationship established between subjects and their environment.
This ecological sensibility is illustrated in A Change in the Air Changes Everything (2004), presented at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo for Greenwashing in 2008, which offers a synthetic illustration of the theory of the butterfly effect, whereby every little change in a system greatly conditions the system itself, leading to reflection on the great environmental themes and the fundamental role played by the beholder in a work of art.
  Selected for the Macedonian pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale, My Sunshine is a utopian but feasible project, unusually collocated between art and science, visionariness and social preoccupation, poetry and hyper-technology.
The Arctic Circle receives no sunlight during the winter due to the rotation of the Earth's axis.
Uzunovski’s project involved the creation of a suspended structure that reflects the sunlight in the urban areas around the Arctic Circle. The work takes the form of a revolving reflecting disc, suspended from a transparent aerostatic balloon. The most important aspect of this research is the impact on the local population: enjoying the benefits of one or more artificial suns implies possible consequences not only on the level of experience and aesthetics, but also in terms of social interaction and psychophysical well-being. A scientific experiment, My Sunshine is also a public and relational work of art, which involved climatologists, meteorologists, astrophysicists, aviation engineers, architects and designers, all interested in the implementation of a collective utopia: bringing sunshine to Lapland at the height of winter.
Here Uzunovski presents his virtual mobile workshop, the utopian base for comparison on the artificial sun project. Everywhere My Sunshine has been presented he has sought opportunities to discuss the various aspects of the design illustrated here.
The students of ISIA of Florence, accompanied and led by Prof. Antonio Glessi, will participate in two workshops held by Uzunovski with the purpose of designing the revolving rings on which the reflecting mirror will be anchored.
  My Sunshine, 2009
Multimedia laboratory for work in progress.
Courtesy the artist. In cooperation with the CCCS, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze; ISIA, Firenze.
Installation produced by CCCS, Florence
Courtesy the artist
Photo Credit: CCCS, Firenze; Valentina Muscedra
  My Sunshine, 2009
rendering project
Courtesy the artist
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