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Palazzo Strozzi
23 January 2009 – 29 March 2009
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Sun (One Day Old), 2008
video, DVD, 4'30" min.
Courtesy the artist
Photo: Valentina Muscedra
The video is a linear composition of 35 mm photos of the sun as it sets, taken by a variety of different photographers, observers and scientists. The pictures focus particularly on the moment at sunset when the sun's disc enters what is called an upper mirage, in other words a tunnel of refracted light caused by the interweave of hot and cold layers in the atmosphere. These pictures are then studied in an attempt to analyse atmospheric pollution levels and to make long-term forecasts on climate trends. This video, however, transcends the scientific approach and forges an ongoing moment of emerging shapes scanned by the compulsive vanishing of the actual moment of sunset. Our attention focuses on the repetition and on the rhythm that compels us to reflect on this image: the sun as a focal point in time, the sunset as a symbolic image, the anxiety of the night that is about to descend, the narrative nature of the image of the sun, and the totally abstract nature of the sun's disc as it is transformed into increasingly unrecognisable shapes.
Sun (One Day Old), 2008
video, DVD, 4'30" min.
Courtesy the artist