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Palazzo Strozzi
23 January 2009 – 29 March 2009
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Untitled, 2008
mixed media installation
140 x 200 cm
Courtesy the artist
Photo: Valentina Muscedra

Nicola Pecoraro has created a site-specific installation by composing patterns and shapes into a face made of translucent paper and card held together by string. The work is suspended in space. It is fragile and ephemeral, and the portrait escapes our clear perception, caught as it is between the two- and three-dimensional, between the abstract and the real. The heads are inspired by the superhero cartoons of the sixties with their strong expressive sense, while at the same time being flat and compressed into their paper dimension. Nicola Pecoraro's work is based on the study and development of new aesthetic strategies that call into question such specific borderlines in genre. Moving between sculpture and installation, his works foster a strong sense of contagion in which the relationship with the spectator and with the exhibition space become further moments for dialogue and debate.

Untitled, 2008
mixed media installation
140 x 200 cm
Courtesy the artist
Photos: Valentina Muscedra