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Palazzo Strozzi
23 January 2009 – 29 March 2009
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Setting 01, 2008
site specific installation
spot light, split wall
Courtesy the artist
Photo: Valentina Muscedra
The installation consists of only a few elements: a wall divided into two, and a spotlight typical of the kind used on film sets that projects its light from behind the wall. A blade of light, an artificial ray of sunshine, hits the floor and the wall in front of it, thus creating a new sense of space which, while deceiving our senses, also manages to stimulate them at the same time. The image that appears before our eyes deceives us into seeing an environment that is not the real one around us. Yet at the same time it acts as kind of déjà vu that brings back memories and reminiscences from our own imaginary background. Marinella Senatore's work embraces more than one genre, ranging from photography to installations and from video art to drawing. Using the tools and language of the cinema (in other works she uses elements such as cutting, off-screen voices, and camera movements), the artist here creates scenarios in which the public can reflect on the ways in which reality is translated through images and on the way in which our perception changes existing reality and forges a new reality even when given only a very few props with which to do so. In the case of Setting 01, the very title of which embodies in itself this minimalist aesthetic, the artist confines her action to offering us the light of a single spotlight, the basic tool of a hypothetical film director, with which to create a story.
Setting 01, 2008
site specific installation
spot light, split wall
Courtesy the artist
Photos: Valentina Muscedra