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  Bill Viola, Christian Nold, Yves Netzhammer
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Art Mediation´s programme AMPLIFICARE – Amplify

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Art mediators for the programme „AMPLIFICARE- AMPLIFY“
  The educational programme AMPLIFICARE is the supporting programme of the exhibition „Sistemi Emotivi, artisti contemporanei tra emozione e ragione – Emotional Systems, contemporary art between emotion and reason“ in the CCCS.
This programme has fused together ideas emerging out of the theme of the exhibition, with the possibilities of project work.
The aim is to intensify the dialogue between visitors and the work: making art resonate in everyday life; exchanging contents, experiences and emotions; and promoting engagement with contemporary art.
The CCCS wants to work with the local community to develop projects and to encourage more local visitors to use the space.
Beyond the city of Florence and its neighbourhoods, the CCCS wants to be a center for international exchange and discussion about contemporary art and its domain.
AMPLIFICARE wants to be a place where visitors can both find expertise and also have the chance to act as an expert in his own field: everybody is an expert! Let’s interact!

Art mediation in museums and galleries

The term art mediation suggest an individual who literally „mediates“ the interactions between visitors, artists, museums, and the art itself.
The evolving terms art education and art educator are difficult to translate, both literally and culturally. What art mediation attempts to do is to bring the visitors (schools, community, families and, of course, young people) to create their own gallery experiences, their own sharing and spaces.
It goes beyond the conventional expectation that art education´s function is to „explain“ art: it aims to be something different, learning from the past but looking at the present.
Art mediation can be considered a process of cultural translation, that can be performed only by a certain path of visitors, educators, curators, artists together.
In the CCCS there is no place for a oneway mediation which starts at the mediator and reaches the audience.
We hope that the visitors come to the CCCS to enjoy the institution with a real culture and real experiences. We hope this is the start of a fruitful partnership with the community.